VII (15). Student Support Services

Building 5, Room 104


Office hours 9-5, Walk in hours 10-11 and 2-3

Being a student at MIT can be challenging and stressful and Student Support Services is here to help you manage your academic, personal and social life. We are a friendly and easily accessible support office for MIT undergraduates. Whether you are struggling with a pset because of something is going on in your life, you feel too ill to take an exam, you are considering taking time away from the Institute, or you just don’t know who to talk to, we can help.

The deans and other staff members in Student Support Services provide specific assistance with excuse notes when you can’t complete academic work because of extenuating circumstances; excused absences (OXs); Committee on Academic Performance advocacy; and leave and return guidance. In addition, S3 is a hub of resources, referrals, and information across the MIT community and works very closely with MIT Medical and Mental Health and Counseling to get students the support they need.