VII (8). MIT Police Department

Building W89

(301 Vassar Street)

Contact in Emergency:        

Campus Phone: Dial 100 or 3-1212

Cell Phone: (617) 253-1212

Blue Light Phone: Press Button (Map)

Hours:     24 hours

The MIT Police Department is staffed by sworn law enforcement officers, who patrol and respond to calls every day, even when the Institute is closed. The MIT Police patrol the MIT campus on foot and in cruisers. In the warmer months, they also utilize bicycle and motorcycle patrols. The MIT Police respond to any police, fire, or medical emergency on the MIT campus and local FSILGs. In addition to emergency calls, the MIT Police can also assist with office lockouts and security escorts.

In case of an on-campus emergency, call 617-253-1212 from cell phones to reach the MIT Police directly. All 911 calls made from a cell phone go to the Massachusetts State Police, who transfer them to Cambridge Police, not the MIT Police. In an emergency, the best way to get help fast is calling the MIT Police.

Policing is as much about education as it is enforcement. To this end, the MIT Police are dedicated to working closely with the MIT community to keep it informed of emergencies, criminal activity, and ways to reduce exposure to risk. The men and women of the MIT Police Department are dedicated to providing excellent service through partnerships that reduce crime, create safe environments, build trust, and enhance the quality of life in the MIT academic community.

The MIT Police protect the rights of all individuals and protect the safety and welfare of everyone in the MIT community. As members of a caring and inclusive community, all members of the MIT community are expected to conduct themselves with proper respect for one another and for each other’s property. It is particularly important to note that each member of the MIT community has the right to be free from acts of violence and threats of violence. Members of the MIT community are expected and required to comply with all city, state and federal laws, in addition to MIT policies.