VII (12). Ombuds Office

Building 10, room 213 


The MIT Ombuds Office works with all members of the MIT community, including students, faculty, employees, alumni and employees of Lincoln Lab, to constructively manage concerns and conflicts related to your experience at MIT. Managing concerns constructively stimulates innovation and growth and generally increases individual and team effectiveness.

The Ombuds Office is an alternative to formal complaint-handling systems. Serving as independent third-party neutrals, the Ombudspersons can provide communication and conflict management consultation to individuals; shuttle diplomacy and informal mediation between parties; facilitate group discussions; and provide departmental or group workshops. The Ombuds Office also identifies systemic concerns and provides feedback to stakeholders throughout the institute to support resolution of recurring issues.

The Ombudsperson is neither an advocate for individuals or the Institute. The Ombuds Office is however, an advocate for fair process and constructive outcomes. In accordance with the International Ombudsman Association Standards of Practice, communications with the Ombuds Office are considered confidential and off-the-record and do not constitute notice to MIT.


Conflict with Advisor/PI                                    Conflict with Supervisor

Academic Integrity/Intellectual Property           Conflict within Lab or Group

Faculty/Student Conflict                                   Policy Issues

Conflict with Peer or Colleague                        Suggestions for Improvement

Organizational Change                                    Performance Appraisal

Zoom or telephone meetings are available by appointment. Please call the Ombuds Office at 617.253.5921 or visit our website for more information.