VII (6). Lost and Found

Property turned over to the MIT Police Department is held in the MIT Police Lost and Found system at the MIT Police Station (W89) for at least 30 days. The MIT Police does not accept, and will dispose of, soiled or perishable items and donate articles of clothing. Although the MIT Police station is the last stop for such property, it often may be held in other Lost & Found systems across campus before it makes it way to the police station. To check whether property was turned in to the MIT Police:

In addition to checking with the MIT Police, consider checking with these locations as well if you lost property in or near them:

  • Campus Activities Complex (w20-500) for items lost at Stratton Student Center (W20), Kresge Auditorium (W16), or MIT Chapel (W15), MIT Religious Activities Center (W11), and Walker Memorial (Building 50)
    • Phone: (617) 253-3913 (or 617-253-1500 on nights and weekends)


  • MIT Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) facilities (check the front desk in the associated facility
    • Location: Z Center Main Desk, W35    
    • Phone (617) 452-3690


  • MIT Libraries (Check the circulation desk)
    • Barker Library (10-500)            (617) 253-0968
    • Dewey Library (E53-100)         (617) 253-5676
    • Hayden Library (14S-100)        (617) 253-5671
    • Lewis Music Library (14E-109) (617) 253-5636
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • MIT Residence Hall (Contact Front Desk)