V (2). Bicycling on Campus

There are indoor or covered bicycle parking areas located in the breezeway under Buildings 39, 3, and 13, and in most residence halls. The area in Building 13 has a card-key system. You can purchase a card-key at MIT Parking and Transportation (40 Ames Street, E17-106).

There is a fine for bicycles secured to handrails and an additional fine if your bicycle is removed from a handrail. MIT is not responsible for any damage to your bike or lock for such removal. Do not park your bike on a wheel chair ramp, including ramps in front of the Student Center.

Wheeled Violations

Bicycles found illegally parked or attached to stairway handrails will be removed by the MIT Parking and Transportation Department. In order to obtain the release of your bike, you will have to go to MIT Parking and Transportation (40 Ames Street, E17-106) and pay a fine. MIT is not responsible for damage to your bike or lock.

In Institute buildings or parking structures, it is prohibited to operate bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards, or any other form of wheeled personal transportation except for medical devices such as wheelchairs and scooters. A fine will be imposed.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycles should be registered with MIT Parking and Transportation via online form.

Registration provides you with a registration decal and qualifies you for most bike lock registration requirements. The service is free. If you are a Cambridge resident, register with the Cambridge Police. Registering your bicycle will help in the recovery of your bike if it is stolen. Be sure to record your bicycle’s serial number since that is the only way to positively identify it. Bicycles should be locked with a durable “U” lock. Bicycles locked with a cable or chain are very susceptible to theft — bicycle larceny on campus is a frequent occurrence.