II (18). Institute Expectations of Student Behavior and Integrity

MIT is a community dedicated to scholarship and leadership. Student members of this community commit to reflect upon and uphold these principles in all academic and non-academic endeavors.

MIT expects that all students come to the Institute for a serious academic purpose and expects them to be responsible individuals who conduct themselves with high standards of honesty, fairness, respect, integrity, and accountability in both their academic and non-academic lives. Students are expected to uphold a high standard of civility and to demonstrate their respect for all members of this diverse community. These expectations are fundamental to the principle of independent learning and professional growth and to the maintenance of a healthy living and learning environment.

MIT's expectations of civility and accountability also extend to periods where students are under interim action related to the discipline process as imposed by the Committee on Discipline, Dean for Student Life, or designee. Accordingly, students are expected to comply with all terms defined within said action, including but not limited to no-contact orders, temporary or permanent removal of a student from MIT housing or relocation to another room or residence hall, restrictions on student organization or residence hall activities, restricting a student's access to certain campus locations, or changes to academic or work schedules. 

MIT expects that students will comply with any and all policies related to special Institute events; these events include, but are not limited to: Orientation, Campus Preview Weekend, and Commencement.

This expectation also extends to emergency or interim policies established by Institute officials to respond to crises or other circumstances that significantly impact the Institute community. These policies may include directives that modify expectations of student behavior, as well as how students interact with other community members in academic and non-academic settings.