II (2) (C). Requirement to Obtain Medical Assistance for Emergencies Involving Alcohol and Prohibited Substances

Members of the MIT community are required to summon emergency medical services (by calling 911 or the MIT Police) to obtain assistance and evaluation for any person who is in their room or immediate presence and is, or is suspected to be, under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited substances, when that person’s well-being and safety is known to be or reasonably should be known to be in jeopardy. When an individual knows or reasonably should know that another person is in jeopardy, failing to summon emergency medical services (e.g., taking the person back to their residence and dropping them off, driving the person to a hospital in a personal vehicle, asking another person to take responsibility for the intoxicated individual) shall be considered a serious violation of this policy.

The health and safety of MIT students are of the utmost importance. For this reason, the fact that a student or student organization obtains medical assistance in accordance with this policy will be a factor that will be considered strongly in their favor in determining whether and to what extent disciplinary action will be pursued, as well as determining the severity of potential outcomes and/or sanctions.