VII (4). Conflict Management@MIT

Building W20, room 507


Conflict Management@MIT builds capacity within the Institute community to deal effectively with conflict. We do this by working with Institute students, faculty and staff to improve their conflict management skills and give them opportunities to practice and reflect on those skills; and by offering dispute resolution services to graduate and undergraduate students.

What issues can be brought to Conflict Management@MIT?

Just about anything: noise, money, chores, group lab projects, privacy, interpersonal conflict, student group issues, and racial, cultural or gender issues. You can be at the beginning, middle or crescendo of a conflict. If you are unsure whether your conflict with another person (or persons) is appropriate, contact Conflict Management@MIT. You can talk to us privately for information or a consultation.

You Can Use Our Services If…

  • Avoidance isn’t working
  • You just need someone to listen
  • You’re stuck and have been spending a lot of time arguing with little improvement in the situation
  • You feel that there is no possible solution
  • You don’t know how to talk about your conflict in a constructive way
  • You don’t understand what the other person wants from you, and they’re not listening to you
  • You think your conflict is not important enough to bring to a dean/counselor/administrator
  • You are not comfortable sharing information that could be critical to moving forward in the conflict with someone ‘official’*
  • You would like a safe space to discuss difficult issues
  • You just want the conflict to be over with

In addition to mediation, coaching, and facilitation services, we offer trainings and workshops--from one hour of contact time to 40--in the suite of conflict management skills.