V (6). Student Leave Policies

There are many reasons why a student might want or need to take time away from MIT. These may include personal or medical issues interfering with their academics; opportunities for professional experience, such as an internship; family or community commitments; or the desire to just take a break. For more information on student leave policies, visit https://studentlife.mit.edu/s3/leaves

Misconduct by a student on leave that is brought to MIT’s attention may be a basis for MIT disciplinary action, including temporary or permanent denial of a request to return from leave or referral to the Committee on Discipline. See COD Rules at cod.mit.edu for further details.

A. Undergraduate Medical Leave Policy

For information on the undergraduate medical leave policy, visit https://studentlife.mit.edu/s3/requesting-leave/requesting-medical-leave/medical-leave-and-return-policy

B. Graduate Medical Leave Policy

For information on the graduate medical leave policy, visit https://odge.mit.edu/gpp/registration/changes/medical-leave-policy/.