IV (1). Approved Institute Housing

As approved Institute FSILG Housing, all FSILGs are expected to provide their members and residents an environment that fosters academic achievement and moral and social development.

  1. Non-MIT students (those not registered as an MIT undergraduate or graduate student) are prohibited from residing in the fraternity, sorority, or independent living group house during the academic year.
  2. First-year students are required to live in an on-campus Institute residence hall or to obtain permission to live in a private off-campus residence as approved by MIT. First-year students are prohibited from residing in any FSILG.
  3. Students on required withdrawal or medical leave are not permitted to reside in an FSILG during the academic year. Additional restrictions regarding summer residency may also be determined for potential readmission to the Institute.
  4. Each FSILG is required to have a live-in Graduate Resident Advisor for the entire year, including summer and IAP.
  5. FSILGs shall ensure that their facilities meet or exceed all Institute safety and health requirements as well as all applicable city and state health, safety, and building codes and shall cooperate with the Institute in any health or safety related inspections or surveys. FSILGs with housing facilities shall maintain a current Lodging House and/or Dormitory license as required by their respective municipality and Mass. General Laws, Chapter 140.
  6. Copies of all inspection-related documentation must be kept with the AILG/FCI and accessible by the FSILG Office. 
  7. FSILG facilities/properties located in the City of Cambridge may not host any event associated with gambling or games of chance without express permission from the Cambridge Licensing Board and purchase of applicable licenses.
  8. Proper procedures for hosting events of any kind at an FSILG facility must be fully implemented as outlined by the FSILG Office and applicable governing council and/or Inter/National policies. 

Loss of approved Institute FSILG Housing status may result in suspension of privileges, up to and including loss of housing, and loss of their lodging/dormitory license. FSILGs that lose housing privileges are not guaranteed on-campus housing for members.

Failure to comply with the above could lead to possible action, restriction of privileges, and jeopardize Good Standing and Institute Recognition.