IV (6). Statement on Expansion

The Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups Office (FSILG Office) will review requests to establish a new nationally affiliated fraternity or sorority by undergraduate students enrolled in the Institute and/or by MIT Alumni and Inter/National Headquarters Officers. Requests may also be made by the Interfraternity Council or the Panhellenic Association. The Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Association shall adopt written policies concerning procedures for the addition of new fraternities and sororities at MIT. Any such policies shall convey an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation between the Institute, the Interfraternity Council, and the Panhellenic Association. The Dean for Student Life or designee shall have the opportunity to review any request and make a final decision to approve or disapprove any expansion request.

The policies shall include but are not limited to the following principles:

  1. Groups seeking recognition by the Institute as a new Greek-letter organization must obtain sponsorship by a recognized national or international fraternity or sorority.
  2. Groups seeking recognition by the Institute as a new Greek-letter organization must agree to adopt and implement the principles and procedures outlined in this section and the rules and policies of the Interfraternity Council or the Panhellenic Association, or whicheveris applicable.
  3. Colonies and newly established chapters are afforded all of the written privileges of a FSILG and are expected to adhere to all written terms and conditions of recognition and good standing status.
  4.  Fraternity and sorority colonies must adhere to all Inter/National Headquarter policies and regulations for installation.

The FSILG Office will advise and departmentally recognize approved culturally based sororities and fraternities until there is a council formed to support and govern these groups.

For a complete list of Expansion Requirements and details on how to apply, please send all requests to the FSILG Office.